Best Reading Teacher Blogs for Reading Specialists

By University Alliance

Blogs and websites are a great place to find new ideas for the classroom and engage in discussions with others in your profession. Reading specialists and those pursuing their reading specialist certification are especially fortunate; the Internet is full of creative and informative websites and blogs dedicated solely to reading and literacy. Some of the best resources are included below and are worth taking a closer look at.

Reading Today Online

This wonderful website is rich with articles on the following topics: Teaching Literacy, Children’s Literature, Councils and SIGs, Research and Grants, Legislation and Policy, and Member News. Articles can be accessed one by one or can be viewed in groups according to their topic. The website, which is updated daily, also has links to Twitter, Facebook and other social sharing options. Visitors will also find a useful list of upcoming events, current announcements and publications. Individuals with a membership to the International Reading Association (IRA) also have the option of subscribing to the digital magazine, Reading Today.

The Teaching of Reading Blog

This blog is part of the larger website called Literacy Connections: Promoting Literacy and Love of Reading, and is one of the dozens of fantastic resources and services available through the site. The Teaching of Reading blog is full of entertaining, informative and useful posts such as: Using Readers’ Theater in the Classroom; Conquering the Chapter Book; To the Original Wizard of Oz, Happy Birthday!; Texting and Literacy; Choosing Books for Preschoolers; and Journal Writing with Young Children. Each blog entry allows readers to post comments and share via email or various social media sites.

Booking Through Thursday

Readers and teachers of reading will love this clever Wordpress blog in which the author posts a new question each Thursday inviting visitors to respond in the comments section. This blog has been consistently maintained since 2005; there are literally hundreds of reading, literacy and literature-related ideas to explore. Some of the more intriguing weekly questions are:

  • Character or plot?
  • Series or stand-alone books?
  • Do you cheat and peek at the ends of books?
  • Have you ever felt pressured to read something because “everyone else” was reading it?

Threads of Reading

“Weaving the Threads of Reading in the K-12 Classroom” is the subheading for this blog dedicated to exploring great books and teaching materials. Its author, Karen Tankersley, is a widely known and highly respected expert in the teaching of reading and has written four books on reading and literacy in the classroom. Blog post titles include “Professional Development for Teachers is Vital to School Success,” “Strengthening Reading by Building Rich Language,” “Building Vocabulary with a Class Thesaurus” and “Visual Text Can Increase Student Comprehension.” This blog also has a link to an online Amazon store with Tankersley’s recommended list of great books.

Picture This!

The goal of this blog is to provide a literacy resource for educators and parents alike. Its author is the founder of an educational consulting company and a former elementary school teacher, with a recently published book on using non-fiction texts to build comprehension skills. She also writes two other literacy blogs: Links to Literacy and Literacy Tools. The Picture This! blog focuses on picture books, with each post reviewing a book and providing lesson ideas and links to enrich its use in the classroom. One great thing about this blog is that instead of listing past posts by month and year, the titles of the books are visible on the home page so teachers can easily locate a book of interest and access it immediately.

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