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If you’re a teacher, helping students prepare for a successful future is your passion. But have you looked into Master’s in Education programs as a step toward making your own future more exciting and rewarding? If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a Master’s in Education, now’s the ideal time to get started.

Why Earn Your Master’s in Education?

Whether you are looking for advanced specialized knowledge and skills, or you want to increase your salary potential and have more job opportunities, earning your Master of Arts in Education is an essential part of your career success. Perhaps you even live in a state that requires teachers to obtain their Master’s in Education within a specified period of time after they begin teaching. In addition, getting a master’s degree often results in a pay raise. According to the Separation of Degrees report from the Center for American Progress, a master’s degree can bump your salary up to $10,777 versus a bachelor’s alone. By having your Master’s in Education, you may also benefit from these advantages:

  • Maintain your teaching certification
  • Prepare to meet new federal guidelines as a "highly qualified" teacher
  • Gain the skills to pursue other teaching specialties
  • Refresh your skills
  • Develop new teaching tools
  • Improve your students’ learning outcomes
  • Distinguish yourself with impressive credentials

All Master’s in Education Programs Are Not Equal

During your search of Master’s in Education programs, you will want to narrow the field to those offered by a nationally recognized, accredited university or college. As a teacher your schedule can be very hectic, so you will also want to find online programs that have a reputation for high-quality content and curricula. As a certified or practicing teacher, you can earn your Master of Arts in Education 100% online in as few as 18 months and choose from these three in-demand specializations:

Online Master’s in Education Programs Designed for Busy Teachers

Through a video-based e-learning system, you can learn in a multimedia environment that lets you study at your convenience, around your busy schedule. Look for an online master’s degree program that includes these features:

  • Anywhere, 24/7 learning
  • Streaming video lectures
  • MP3 lectures
  • Message boards
  • Live chat rooms
  • No campus attendance required
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