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Culture Conflicts in the Classroom

Teachers who specialize in ESL are faced with dynamic cultural issues in the class room. This article explains the difference between high-context versus low-context cultures, and the differences in communication styles, orientation and intellectual modes and social values.

Graduate Degrees in Education

Which graduate degrees in education are offered 100% online? Dominican University offers three specialized 100% online graduate degrees in education courses.

How Do Online University Courses Work

Find out exactly what to expect when you take online courses for your Master’s Degree with Dominican University.

How Heroes Choose an Area of Study

Learn how servicemembers can choose an area of study that will enable a rewarding career path  and get information on masters in education programs.

Improve the Future with a Masters in Elementary Education

Teachers completing online Masters of Elementary Education programs can improve the future of their students.

Masters In Education Programs

Have you looked into Dominican University's online Master's in Education programs as a step toward making your teaching career more exciting and rewarding?

5 Education Conferences Worth Attending this Summer

These Education Conferences happening this summer offer educators opportunities to develop their professional skills and network with like-minded education professionals.

Are We Stressing Out Our Kindergarteners?

The days of finger paints and nap mats in kindergarten classes are all but over as school districts across the country move to tougher requirements for their youngest students. The shift toward full-day classes and a greater emphasis on literacy over play began in the late 1990s and is now ingrai...

Using the Wisdom of Maya Angelou in the Classroom

Called the “quintessential teacher” by Oprah Winfrey and a global renaissance woman by others, Dr. Maya Angelou left a profound mark on American history. Famed as a poet, novelist, educator, actress, historian and civil rights activist, among other accomplishments, Angelou’s passing on May 28, 20...

Report: Younger Students Performing Better in Reading Math

Younger students are performing better in reading and math than their counterparts did in the early 1970s, according to a new national report. Additionally, the achievement gap between white and minority students has narrowed during that same period.