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Analyzing and Improving Teaching

Learn about how to analyze and improve your teaching skills to be an effective teacher, as well as get information on online masters in education programs.

Culture Conflicts in the Classroom

Teachers who specialize in ESL are faced with dynamic cultural issues in the class room. This article explains the difference between high-context versus low-context cultures, and the differences in communication styles, orientation and intellectual modes and social values.

Attend Dominican's Next Virtual Open House

30 minute online meeting – introduction to online Master’s Degree Programs for Educators, Teachers, and Administrators – Provided through WebEX Technology.

Free Technology Tools for Teachers: Audacity

Get teaching tips and Learn about free technology tools for teachers like Audacity, an open source software program that is used to record and edit sound.

Best Reading Teacher Blogs for Reading Specialists

Are you a reading specialist? Are you looking for insightful minds in the field? Here you will find a great list to get you started.

Graduate Degrees in Education

Which graduate degrees in education are offered 100% online? Dominican University offers three specialized 100% online graduate degrees in education courses.

Free Technology Tools for Teachers:

Learn about free technology tools for teachers like, a site that offers teachers creative and organizational tools to make their jobs simpler and learning more fun for their students.

Book Clubs can Benefit Students and Teachers

Get tips and on starting book club for teachers and students

How Do Online University Courses Work

Find out exactly what to expect when you take online courses for your Master’s Degree with Dominican University.

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Advance your teaching career, improve literacy and master the art of how to teach reading with a Master of Arts in Education: Reading – 100% online.