Master of Arts in Education: Reading

Do you love to teach reading? The ability to read is the foundation for an individual’s success. Unfortunately, a large percentage of students lack the basic reading skills they need to achieve their full potential. To help teachers improve literacy rates, Dominican University’s School of Education offers a Master of Arts in Education degree with a concentration in Reading. If you are a teacher looking to master the art of how to teach reading, this program equips you with the latest tools and techniques to improve your students’ reading skills.

You will learn from some of the nation’s leading experts in the field – so you can put the latest research into practice in your classroom. With these skills, not only will you inspire students to overcome their learning obstacles, you will unlock many rewarding teaching opportunities.

Earn Your Master’s Online in as Few as 18 Months!

Earn your MA in Education with a concentration in reading by completing 12 eight-week courses (36 credit hours). The online curriculum is designed so that you can finish the program in as few as 18 months! Request your application now!

What You’ll Learn

  • Support the development of student reading skills by creating the most conducive learning environment
  • Improve students’ reading abilities by addressing the physical and emotional factors that impact literacy
  • Help students read to their full potential utilizing the latest literacy-development techniques
  • Coach other educators and parents to effectively teach reading skills in the classroom and at home

How You’ll Benefit With a Master’s in Education

  • Develop effective programs and curriculum using the latest literacy research
  • Gain the skills to create, administer and interpret a wide variety of classroom assessments
  • Improve your ability to evaluate and select materials for classroom and small group use
  • Learn to apply theoretical models and philosophies of reading and writing instruction to the classroom setting
  • Master the skills of how to teach reading to students who are experiencing difficulties

Who Should Enroll

The Master of Arts in Education: Reading program is designed for teachers who want to obtain advanced strategies to develop students’ critical reading and comprehension skills. Gain the latest tools to ensure your students read to their highest potential and have the core skills to succeed – request your application now!