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Rethinking Curriculum Course Information

EDUB 530 Rethinking Curriculum

Course Description

This course considers contemporary issues related to curriculum.  Candidates explore the relationship of historical and contemporary approaches to curriculum in light of the specific social, historical, and economic contexts in which they evolved.  Candidates study the impact of the growing body of research related to student achievement and its implications for curriculum.  They also analyze the impact of a diverse student population on curriculum development and implementation. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge about historical and current issues in the field of curriculum studies through readings, discussions, and reflections
  • Examine the curriculum from the perspective of various curriculum theorists
  • Expand the framework from which one makes decisions regarding curriculum
  • Examine the relationship between measures of achievement and curricular decisions
  • Explore the relationship between social, historical, and economical context and curricular priorities and emphases

Week 1

Lecture: Curriculum and Philosophy


  • Explore how philosophy guides the organization of the curriculum
  • Determine factors that should be considered before articulating goals and planning learning activities
  • Question the effectiveness of school reform

Week 2

Lecture: Curriculum and Teaching


  • Explain why caring for oneself and others should be an important outcome of education and how to integrate it into the curriculum
  • Review research on various teaching methods
  • Explore teaching and learning styles of new teachers

Week 3

Lecture: Curriculum and Learning, Part 1


  • Define critical thinking
  • Discuss the factors that characterize creative minds
  • Describe the cognitive-developmental approach to moral education

Week 4

Lecture: Curriculum and Learning, Part 2


  • Analyze the limitations of character education program strategies
  • Explain how the policy of tracking has affected student outcomes
  • Address the question, “What is public schooling?”

Week 5

Lecture: Curriculum and Instruction, Part 1 


  • Define the advantages and disadvantages of conventional instruction, mastery learning, and tutoring and which variables are related to student achievement
  • Compare Choice Theory to Stimulus/Response psychology
  • Explore a new movement to address civil rights

Week 6

Lecture: Curriculum and Instruction, Part 2


  • Explore a variety of multicultural issues that influence schools today
  • Define the “knowledge arts” and discuss how to integrate them into the curriculum
  • Discuss trends in electronic interactive learning

Week 7

Lecture: Curriculum and Supervision


  • Review the models that characterize effective staff development
  • Identify components that are characteristic of successful professional development programs

Week 8

Lecture: Curriculum and Policy


  • Identify key demographic changes that are influencing educational policy
  • Discuss recommendations for teachers who work with diverse students in their classroom
  • Explore the idea that there is not one single model, structure or system of education

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. October 2011