$1,000 Bisk Foundation Illinois Teacher Education Scholarships

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Dominican University, in partnership with University Alliance, is proud to offer the $1,000 Bisk Foundation Illinois Teacher Education Scholarships for all Illinois students newly enrolling into one of the three online Master of Arts in Education degree programs. Dominican’s MAEd degrees are designed for working teachers committed to gaining the skills needed to teach in today’s classroom. Bisk Foundation Illinois Teacher Education Scholarships support the ongoing career and professional development of teachers who have already made a difference in the lives of others.

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Scholarship Information

The $1,000 Bisk Foundation Illinois Teacher Education Scholarships will award to all qualifying Illinois teachers. The scholarships will commence with Spring II 2013, then again in Summer I, Summer II, Fall I, and Fall II 2013. The scholarship is in effect as long as the recipient continues to be an active degree-seeking student. Find out how to become a student.

Who is Eligible?

These scholarships will be awarded to first-time applicants of Dominican University’s online Master of Arts in Education degree programs who are licensed to teach in the state of Illinois. Students will automatically receive the $1,000 scholarship as a tuition reduction evenly distributed throughout the lifetime of the program. Scholarships are applied as a reduction in tuition and are not refundable in cash. 

To maintain eligibility for the Bisk Foundation Illinois Teacher Education Scholarship, students must maintain good standing with Dominican University's online program, including:

  1. Student must remain in good academic and financial standing throughout their entire degree program.
  2. Student must be an active student as defined by Dominican University.
  3. Student must demonstrate university standards related to ethical and professional behaviors.

Scholarship Application Criteria

  • New Illinois students
  • Meet all Dominican University admission criteria
  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Illinois Teaching certificate or Confirmation of Access
  • Transcripts from all colleges or universities attended
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of intentions

How to Apply

For more information about this scholarship, please contact a program representative toll free at 855-300-1470.